"Alcohol Abuse is The #1 Problem on Campus"
   -- Carnegie Foundation Survey of College Presidents, 1990

Alcohol and Other Drug Use Jumps from Senior Year to College
More than 80% of male and female college students drink.
College students drink more heavily than their non-college peers.
Nearly 1/3 of college students use illegal drugs
Any Use of Alcohol or Other Drugs Puts Your Child at Risk
75% of men and 55% of women involved in acquaintance rape were drinking or using other drugs just before the attack.
2/3 of college women with unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases were intoxicated at the time of intercourse.
Other major risk factors include" drunk/drug driving accidents, injuries and overdose.

1/2 Of All College Students "Binge Drink"
"Binge Drinkers" Are:

7-10 times more likely to fall behind academically.
More likely than others to damage property, get into trouble with campus or local police and overdose.
  *Defined as men drinking 5+drinks in a row times in a 2 week period women drinking 4+ drinks in a row 1+ times in a 2 week period.

Even Students Who Don't Drink or Use Other Drugs Are Affected

  They are often the victims of related property damage study and sleep disturbances, and sexual assault.

Tips For Parents
Find out about the colleges' substance abuse policies, crime statistics and security services during the application process.
Hold the administration responsible for incidents on campus by contacting them when you hear about major infractions.
Ask your son or daughter periodically about the level of alcohol and other drug use on campus.

Watch for signs that your student may be having trouble:

Multiple infirmary visits
Droop in grades
Major personality changes
Decreased contact
Identify campus and community resources for help

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