Parents' Agreement

Because we love our children, take seriously our responsibility as parents and recognize that not making a decision in today's world is a decision in itself, and because we recognize loving also means setting appropriate limits, and because we value the future of our children and the fortunes of our family, and because we believe in communication and commitment to and with other families in our communities. We, therefore, agree to do the following things:

1. We will consider it fashionable to know where our children are at all times.
2. We will consider the value of work an honest effort for an honest reward- an acceptable norm at home, at school, and in the marketplace.
3. We will welcome honest communication regarding our child's behavior, and we shall accept the same communication regarding our own.
4. In the event that out son or daughter will be attending a social event in another home, we will feel free to call the parents to determine if they will be present.
5. We will feel free to communicate with the school regardless of our youngster's age.
6. We will consider the automobile a responsibility not a privilege and the telephone an instrument of communication for the sole family.
7. We will be selective in our permission for television and movie viewing and not apologize for doing so.
8. We will feel free to volunteer as supervisors or chaperones at school, church, or other social functions for young people.
9. We will express our feelings to our youngsters about drugs, alcohol, and other destructive activities, and we will support our schools and communities in their efforts to deal constructively with these problems.
10. We will recognize that measuring up to any norm is difficult in a complicated worked. Therefore, we will be supportive of each other, believing in our basic intent and goodness as parents and young people.

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