How to select treatment?

Types of treatment are listed in order of intensity of the treatment and how much change in the person's personal environment is necessary to abstain from substance abuse. We attempt to first try treatments that are least restrictive. If these fail, we increase the level of intensity.

Intervention Services
Intervention services involve going to groups or individual sessions to obtain education about the negative impact of substance abuse. It is primarily designed for individuals who are only in the early phases of substance abuse or individuals who are at risk for abuse substances.

Outpatient Services
The client remains at home and goes to a counseling center one or two days a weeks for group or individual therapy. This type of treatment is for those that have a supportive living arrangement and sufficient motivation to remain substance free.

Day Treatment
This is more structured than outpatient treatment. The client continues to live at home and goes to a combination of group and individual therapy approximately 4 hours per day. This treatment begins in the morning and ends some time in the afternoon. For adolescents this involves going to school at the treatment site.

Night Treatment
This type of treatment is the same at day treatment but the group or individual sessions are conducting in the evening. This allows the individual to go to school or work during the day and engage in treatment services at night.

Residential Treatment
This type of treatment involves the individual leaving the home environment due to negative influences that impede abstinence. The individual lives at the treatment center and attends several hours of group, individual, recreational and educational services. The treatment length of stay can be from several weeks to several months depending on the need.

Crisis Stabilization
Crisis stabilization is from those individuals who need detoxification or stabilization services on an emergency basis. The treatment is short-term and involves intense assessment and supportive counseling to prepare the individual or treatment. Usually, there are extreme problems in the person's environment that impede effective treatment.

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